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Sharon Gonzales CST-T, LMT, TRE, Reiki Master

My Mission

Starts With Healing

As your Body relaxes, so does your Mind!

Life’s challenges can take a toll on our body, mind, and Spirit.  Our body can feel tense, stressed, and riddled with aches and pains.  Our mind can be spinning in all directions, usually thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with our highest good.  Perhaps we feel disconnected from our True Self or a Higher Power we long to turn to for guidance and strength.  Giving yourself the time to receive heart-centered, therapeutic touch can help your body let go of tension, relax, and return to a state of inner calm.

More Than Therapy

As a certified craniosacral therapist and licensed bodyworker, the variety of gentle, heart-centered touch therapies I offer can help reduce tension, and ease the effects of mental stress.  As your body begins to relax, tense areas start to let go, allowing you to recapture the energy that kept these areas locked in place.  As a result, your nervous system can become balanced and work more effectively to self-correct and heal.  These are my goals for your session.

Intro To Sharon's Healing Arts
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Complete Body &
Energy Assessment


Facilitate Release
of Tension


Relaxed Body &
Relaxed Mind


Healing Space & Feedback

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Why I Started My Therapy Journey

Sharon Gonzales

CST-T, LMT, TRE, Reiki Master

I trained in these therapies after experiencing the personal benefits that helped transform my life.  Living in constant fear, tension, and deep emotional pain was not working for me. I did not know how I could go on! The tension-releasing benefits of these therapies, helped my body relax and the incessant, negative


mental chatter to lessen. I then gained clarity on how to handle the challenges of life with more grace and ease. Now, life can be more joyful; I can even experience states of inner peace. It is my pleasure to be of service, and to support you on your healing journey.

Professional Skills:

Certified Craniosacral Therapist (CST-T) Tension/Trauma Release Facilitator

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Proud Member of:


Get the Most Out of Your Session with These

Tips & Tricks


Dress comfortably, preferably

no belts or necklaces.


Allocate 1 hour

for your session.


Arrive early and

settle in, relax.


Use this time to begin your transition from the outside world into your personal “healing space."  


Sip some water.

Take a few cleansing breaths, and begin to notice how you feel in this moment.