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Sharon Gonzales CST-T, LMT, TRE, Reiki Master

Anonymous, May 2022

As a new-comer to craniosacral therapy, I cannot say enough about how impactful this approach has been to a chronic pain problem I have had for years and about Sharon’s kind and gentle approach. I highly recommend her!

Kari H., May 2022

This was my first time having Reiki done. I was able to trust the process and completely relax. I highly recommend Sharon.


Anonymous, May 2022

Sharon is a skilled cranial sacral therapist - - I'm so fortunate to have found her!


Linda T., April 2022

This was my first session with Sharon, though I've had lots of other bodywork, and... she has an amazing healing touch. Relaxing, intuitive, and nurturing. I booked more appointments!


Margaux W. April 2022

Sharon made me feel comfortable and ensured that my experience would equip me for my path to healing.


Dawn-Marie M., Feb 2022

Sharon makes you feel at ease during the whole experience and is very thorough at explaining everything to you beforehand. She helped me realize that what I was experiencing could be helped by her and myself.


Claire B., Jan 2022

Sharon is a healer with such profound gifts that every time I leave a session I am stunned. I have worked with all different types of healers through an illness I’ve had for many years, but Sharon is a cut above. I’ve been seeing her weekly for a combination of cranial sacral therapy and reiki - and it is nothing short of magical. She is deeply knowledgeable about the human body, she is professional, she’s gentle and kind and intuitive. She can read, through her ability to tap into energy, exactly what your body wants/needs in a session without you having to say anything. You can just melt into her capable hands as they guide you through a session that will leave you transformed. If you are dealing with any sort of trauma, physical or emotional, Sharon is the person to see. And if you are new to reiki or the healing world in general, she’s a wonderful person to help open your mind. I feel so lucky to have found her. And to top it off, she’s extremely affordable. I can’t recommend her enough. Seriously, just go see her.


Dulce U., Nov 2022

As an oncology client I can say that since I met Sharon she made me feel welcomed, cared, and understood about my needs. I love how she checks in before every session to meet my needs. I’ve never tried anything like this before including Reiki and it had made a HUGE difference in my healing journey. I feel so blessed have been able to find Sharon to help navigate this chapter in my life. She is a true gift. You won’t be disappointed by all the healing energy that she emanates.


Karuna T. April 2021

Very good experience, this is my first time for this kind of therapy, I fell very good and I sleep better that night. I really appreciate your service.

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